Nuit Bleue De L'automne

Daniel Roure

French Jazz Vocal and pop French.Daniel Roure Pianist, composer and vocalist in French and English, offers in his albums an inspirational Jazz experience combining elements of Cool Jazz,Vocal Jazz,Poetry,Blues,Swing and Popular Music.

New Single Dans La nuit Bleue De L'automne . Lyrics :Jacques Roure et Iza Loris,Music Daniel Roure

Daniel Roure’s love of jazz was evident on his 2014 album, Bar de Nuit (Bar of the Night). Whether he was performing at a fast tempo or a ballad tempo, the French cabaret/chanson vocalist was consistently jazz-minded on that excellent release. And he continues to move in a jazz-minded direction on his 2016 single “Dans la Nuit Bleue.”

In French, “Dans la Nuit Bleue” means “During the Blue Night,” and this relaxed, mid-tempo offering has a bluesy, smoky jazz-noir influence that Roure sounds perfectly comfortable with. The lyrics are in French, but even those who don’t speak French will pick up on the jazz connection. The melody is clearly swing-flavored, and one hears Roure using Duke Ellington’s name, mentioning George Gershwin’s standard “Summertime” and using the English-language term “blue note.” This single demonstrates that one need not perform in English to employ an abundance of jazz imagery.

“During the Blue Night” describes a female pianist who Roure encounters in a piano bar. She is playing instrumental versions of Ellington songs on an acoustic piano; Roure requests “Summertime,” saying, “Je le chanterai pour vous” (“I would sing it for you”). Notice that Roure uses “vous” instead of “toi”; in French, “vous” is the formal “you,” while “toi” is the familiar “you.” Roure, in the song, is formal with the pianist but would like to get to know her better. And the French lyrics work perfectly well with Roure’s jazz-influenced melody.

English is the dominant language of vocal jazz and traditional pop, but the romance languages can also work really well in a jazz-minded or jazz-friendly environment. That is true when Spanish is used with Afro-Cuban jazz or Portuguese is used with the Brazilian bossa nova. And as “Dans la Nuit Bleue” shows, it is also true when French is used with jazz-influenced chanson. Indeed, there have been many examples of that over the years, from the soundtrack for the French movie Un Homme et une Femme (a Man and a Woman) in 1966 to young French singer Zaz’s exuberant swing version of the standard “Paris Sará Toujours Paris” (a gem associated with Maurice Chevalier) in 2015.

Those who enjoyed Roure’s Bar de Nuit album should have no problem at all appreciating the memorable “Dans la Nuit Bleue.”

Daniel Roure “Dans la Nuit Bleue” (Single) Review by Alex Henderson 4 stars out of 5

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