New album Exquisite by Daniel Roure The songs swoosh past like fabulous gowns in a vintage fashion parade”

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PARIS, FRANCE, October 20, 2017 / -- Daniel Roure's new album "Vintage Love Songs" has just been released. It includes covers songs of Blossom Dearie, Dean Martin, Trenet, Brel, Gainsbourg, Niel Diamond,Sinatra... the 50s and french and english . Daniel Roure,Piano vocal, has made swing arrangements with an unexpected freshness of these musics, accompanied by Christophe Le Van on the bass, Philippe Le Van drums , Thomas Roure Sax Alto This album is to listen in good company with a glass of red bordeaux at the evening or anytime you want to fall in love...!with the french spirit. Specially recommended for those who love Jazz and romance.Daniel Roure has a warm and sensual voice that gives this album a particular sensuality and ambiance. Lovers ...let's go ! Listen to : Website:”

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With "FRENCH KISS" new recording, Daniel ROURE,[Piano and vocal], awards of "Jazz in Toulon" France want to sing the most beautiful songs well known by every body in the world, and print his warm and deeply voice and swing surounded by the most proficient musiciens for this new CD "FRENCH KISS” - Kelly O'Neil

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DANIEL ROURE: Un succès français sur le réseau américain de streaming Pandora . Par quel miracle est-ce arrivé ? Le pianiste et chanteur toulonnais Daniel Roure (il est né à Marseille), vient de passer le cap des 5 millions d'auditeurs sur le site américain Pandora, pour le titre Le temps d'un jazz qu'il a enregistré dans un album éponyme. Il figure aussi sur la compilation "Vintage France" du label Putumayo… Par Alex Dutilh FRANCE MUSIQUE  A French success in the U.S. network streaming Pandora. By what miracle did this happen? Pianist and singer Daniel Roure Toulon (he was born in Marseille) has passed the milestone of 5 million listeners on the U.S. site Pandora, for the title of "Le Temps d'un Jazz" he recorded a self-titled album. It is also included on the compilation "Vintage France" label Putumayo World Music. ... Alex Dutilh FRANCE MUSIQUE."Open Jazz" "Jazz bonus” - Alex Dutilh


Daniel Roure, le médecin-musicien, frappe encore .” - Marie Lepennec


New album BAR DE NUIT by Daniel Roure”


Relying on the linguistics of music as the international language is not entirely necessary to fully appreciate Daniel Roure’s Le Temps d’un Jazz.” - Kelly O-Neil